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Quotes by Mataji

10th August 2010

"We are soldiers, and we have to develop immunities from all kinds of badhas, from all kinds of people. From all types of Sahaja Yogis coming in, because this is a wide gate, where everyone has to come, all sorts. They may have 100 bhoots or they may have 10,000…’Come along’ - Whatever type of bhoots there are, we know how to handle them. Because I cannot give up any. I have to give chance to everyone. It is you who discriminate between these, and you through people away. I just can’t do that, I’m sorry. Some people will come, shout at Me, insult Me, trouble Me. Alright – doesn’t matter. They’ll be alright. I can put them out of circulation when they are absolutely useless, but till the end I will have to try and if I find the slightest improvement, I’ll catch on to them. I may have to work much harder with them. They may be much closer than other people are. If they are lost people I have to look after them. So you must know that it is your responsibility that you should take your charge and look after all the other things that Mother has no time to look after. That’s what the quality you people are. All the gods and all the angels bow to you. They are in attention to you. You have seen, even the Sun has come around in these clouds, He is there … then you have to come up."
______________________________________________________________________ 9th August 2010

"So, the Kundalini when it arrived here, the first hurdle the Kundalini has to enter the Sahasrara is ‘Ekadasha Rudra’. These are 11 Shaktis, 11 destroying Shaktis, placed here: five on this side, five on the other side and one in the centre. These are obstructions within us, built by two types of sin we commit. If we bow our heads to wrong type of gurus and submit ourselves to the vicious ways, then we develop Rudra problems on the right-hand side, these five go out (left). If you have bowed down – because I’ve never bowed to anybody wrong – to someone who is a wrong type of person and who is anti-God, then the problems comes on this side of the thing, on the right side. If you have the sense that, ‘I can look after myself, I am my own guru, who can teach me, I don’t want to listen to anybody and I don’t believe in God, who is God, I just don’t care for God’ – all such feelings, then your right side doesn’t catch, but your left side catches. Because right side moves this side and the left this side. So, these 10 things and one is Virata Vishnu, because also in the stomach we have got 10 Guru Sthanas (places), and one that is of Vishnu. So, the seeking is also wrong, as well as these 10 Gurus are out. Then you develop the Ekadasha Rudra. "
______________________________________________________________________ 8th August 2010

"Detachment is of the attention. Do not allow your attention to get involved into something, even rituals of anything. Say, now we have not washed Mataji’s feet. All right, it does not matter. You love Me, all right. If some mistakes may be committed, what does it matter? If you see on the abstract plane. It’s Love. This is just a step forward, like somebody ran very fast and fell down before reaching Me, and says, ‘Mother, sorry, I fell down before reaching you, I should not have done that. But Mother, see how I prostrated before you’. It’s a complete poetry – detachment."
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