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Quotes by Mataji

5th August 2010

"And that is why, today is the day when the Virgin, Gauri, sat down to worship Shiva. She made a Shivalinga and was sitting and putting her sindur on that: ‘that you look after this, which the mark of my union with you. I leave it to you to look after’ – to Shiva. ‘You look after me. I surrender to you’ With this, that’s how Gauri, your Kundalini, surrenders to the Spirit. ‘Now you look after this connection. I forget everything else. I leave it into your hands. Lift me up, you raise me up. I forget all that was me before. Everything I have dropped out. No other desire, but just life me higher and higher. Make me your Self. The rest of it is not important. All other manifestations of this, desires are over. Now I am absolutely surrendered to you, my Spirit. Lift me higher and higher. Higher and higher, away from all the things that were not the Spirit. Make me complete, full Spirit.’"
______________________________________________________________________ 4th August 2010

"He, Christ, is placed in our Agnya in the centre where the optic nerve and optic thalamus cross; it’s a very subtle point. It creates two sounds, Hum and Kshum. Hum on the right-hand side superego and Kshum on the left-hand side ego. Hum and Kshum create two kinds of vibrations. The Hum sound creates the vibration, I am, I am. Hum, this comes from our existence power, that we know we have to live in this world and we are not going to die. Any human being who tries to kill himself is considered not normal. Normally, every human being or animal tries to retain its life, that is through the power of Hum, I am, the superego on the right-hand side and ego on the left-hand side is Kshum."
______________________________________________________________________ 3rd August 2010

"I can understand about people who are ignorant, who have ignorance. Then in ignorance, of course, how will they talk of innocence? But you are not ignorant people. You are knowledgeable; you have got your enlightenment. And the power of innocence is so great. It makes you absolutely fearless – not bumptious, but fearless. And the greatest thing of innocence is that you are respectful. The sense of respect, if it is not developed within you, if you cannot develop the sense of respect for other Sahaja Yogis, for other people, for the ashram, for the discipline and your own self-respect, then it is of no use even talking of Sahaja Yoga, because that is the very beginning of it. First, you do not respect, all right, you are bumptious, all right, you are in a big fool’s paradise as they call it, riding a fast horse, all that is there is all right, is forgiven. But once you have seen the light, you must try to get rid of all the snakes you have been holding on to, is a simple thing."
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