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Quotes by Mataji

2nd August 2010

"A new page has been turned now in Sahaja Yoga. I must warn you all about it. Donít take liberties too much with Sahaja Yoga. You are not obliging anyone else but yourself. Be careful. Take up my warnings always seriously. You all have to come up very well now. It is not only doing my Pooja is going to help you, I can tell you this much. Now, you better worship yourself. You have to worship all the Gods within you. Cleanse them. First is the God and Goddess of Humility, of innocence of simplicity. Worship that. Unless and until you worship that, you cannot go further, you will not be protected."
______________________________________________________________________ 1st August 2010

"Whatever you have done is through spontaneity, because the Unconscious has helped you, has given you the idea, the inspiration; you have done everything through inspiriting and not by your own thinking. Now, there we do not want to agree, because we have to give up our ego, because we think we have achieved it through our thinking. But when you think too much, too much, too much, like that, then what happens? The Unconscious gives you the necessary information because it has compassion, it just has love for you and suddenly you find something there. You are just pushed into that corner where you find it, and for this you must know it is Einstein is the person who says that the theory of relativity dawned on him from somewhere unknown; whatever is known is already there. And whatever is unknown you cannot find out by this brain which is thinking, but by the brain which is enlightened. "
______________________________________________________________________ 29th July 2010

"The lamas knew all the future part, who is going to be the next lama, where will you find him, and people thought this is Divine. To know the future is not Divine, It is an area we should never go to! Because it is an imbalance, we are human beings and we have to be in the present and not the future. Once you go through the present stage then you reach a height from where you can see the past, present and future. When a person ascends in reality, in the present, he goes, at this point, in the superconsciousness, from where he sees the supra conscious right side and also he can see the subconscious left side, but he has no interest. He wants to rise in the present, and this is actually what the Kundalini awakening is. If you are not in control you are a lost case, jumping, flying in the air, extra-terrestrial movements, seeing things, all these are very dangerous things. Such a person may become a lunatic. In America they call it parapsychology. You are not supposed to get into these muddles where the spirits capture you and you start behaving in a manner that you cannot explain."
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