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Quotes by Mataji

28th July 2010

"Q. Mother perhaps you can see the beauty because you are the artist. Shri Mataji: I am the artist and I am the art, but what about you? You are the one who is created, and you can create, and you can become the artist. That is what I am saying. That you are not only the light, but the light that will give light to others, and also you will sustain that light which you have given light. This is the difference now between you and other people. Not that only you will be the artist but you’ll enjoy the art of the artist. This is what you have got, you do not know, you are not aware of your powers. It is a dynamic thing which has happened to you which you should take to."
______________________________________________________________________ 27th July 2010

"Even if you meet one single Sahaja Yogi somewhere, you will be amazed the way he leads his life, and the way he is so beautiful that he impresses people immediately, though some people do try to trouble him. But God looks after Sahaja Yogis, is a fact, and how He just tries to protect you in a very simple and beautiful way. To know God itself is such a great blessing, because He is the God Almighty; the God who has all the powers and all the loved ones. He is our Father, He is waiting for us to enter into His Kingdom, to enjoy that peace and beauty of His Being, because He has created us and He wants His creation to come up to that."
______________________________________________________________________ 26th July 2010

"But the greatest position is of your Spirit, which you establish. The attention is not the there. It is more ego orientated. The whole stuff is ego orientated. You cannot fight ego with ego. You can only fight ego or superego with Spirit. How much do I dominate you? I absorb all your aggression to correct you, I go forward and do it and tell you that I am correcting you, whether you like it or not. And you see the result, it is alright. But if you have that capacity, do it, then be prepared not to at least spoil the show of Sahaja Yoga. One person is talking too much, alright, the others will say, “He is good for nothing but another one is a sensible one.” But if both are fighting then I do not know, that does not show any wisdom or growth, isn’t it. Does it? Those who think that by dominating in small, small things you are going to achieve anything are wrong."
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