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Quotes by Mataji

25th July 2010

"In everything there is Joy. As a human being you start seeing Joy in patterns. You see a key box, you open it out, you see the patterns. You call it the veneer, roughness, smoothness and the harmony of it. You start feeling the matter, the Joy of His Creation. But after realisation you start Feeling the Joy of creation. The summit of creation is the human being and that is why for a Sahaja Yogi he must realise if he tries to be friendly or interested or involved in a person who is at a lower person, he can never get the Joy from that person. Only thing he can do is to raise that person higher to his own level, and make him also feel the same joy as you are getting. Supposing a man who is an artist marries a blind girl, what is the use? She cannot enjoy the arts created by this man. In the same way, if you are interested in your family people, in your relations, friends, the first, finest and greatest thing you can do is give them self-realisation, which means the Joy of your Spirit. Expose them to the Joy of their Spirit, which is the most precious thing, and this is the reason why people flicker, fiddle and feel uneasy and lose their joy very easily at small things that has parts of it – and finished. It is like the ocean before you, where I am there and I want you all to come into it and enjoy. It is for all of you. Whole thing was created for your enjoyment. You have to become subtle. You are wasting time here on very gross things, you have noticed."
______________________________________________________________________ 22nd July 2010

"Hindus believe that without Yoga there is no sense. ‘Yoga Kshema Vahamyaham’, Krishna has said that all the time you seek Yoga, what are you seeking? All these treatises and all the big books and all the scriptures are aiming at what? Even those who talk, ‘You must live with dharma, you must live balanced lives’, for what? Why do we do it? What is the destination? … And the destination is the Spirit. And today the background is so black and so dark that his solution is the end of everything. But do we realise this? On the contrary, the vicious circle builds within us. All the time, ‘Oh, see how the world is miserable. How can I be happy? I am so unhappy in life.’ I have yet to come across a person before realisation saying that ‘I am a happy person’. Maybe ego-oriented people might say that ‘I am happy’, meaning ‘my ego is’, you see, if he goes in a smart car or something like that, he is very happy, on top of the world, after ten minutes you see him… and this vicious circle has set in. Another vicious circle and another, we go on from one to another, moving on the wheels after wheels, without realising where we are going. And this vicious circle has to be broken, by one faith, by one understanding: That God is forgiveness, God is Love."
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