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Quotes by Mataji

21st July 2010

"You are blessed. So, instead of complaining, or being aggressive, you must know that it is a great favour to you – the greatest favour – that you are forgiven completely. And this great blessing has been bestowed upon you, and to come up to it you have to work hard; not to feel guilty about it, but to be humble, to be thankful, that despite what we have done – played with ourselves completely – still we are today sitting as God’s Devas. The Somrasa, which is the Charanamrita – the water that washes the Mother, only you are allowed to drink it, only the Devas. You are sitting in that category and how can you be demanding?"
______________________________________________________________________ 20th July 2010

"Now, how do we prove it, that we become the 4th dimension? First thing is, the
person who becomes the controller of the parasympathetic becomes the auto. He can
do things, like he can tell that another person is suffering on these centres, without
going to any laboratory, any medical check-ups. On the fingertips. So the person
who becomes the 4th dimension, he become the auto, which is the autonomous
nervous system, you see, the auto part of it. He controls the parasympathetic, now,
he controls the supply to all the centres through certain movements, through a
certain kind of technique. For example, some person is suffering from a disease of
the heart. Now a normal person who does not have a 4th dimension will not know
that he is suffering from heart trouble. He will have no idea. He will never feel his
heart or anything till he suddenly gets the attack and he dies. But at the very onset
of it a person who is in the 4th dimension, that is, a realised soul, can feel that
something is wrong with his heart. Also, he knows how to cure himself – the
technique of curing himself. Also he knows that he is the source of the medicines
that he has to give – is a vital thing."
______________________________________________________________________ 19th July 2010

"You must do your work. Everything cannot be just like a jet liner, sit down here
and next moment you are on the moon. Even if you are on the moon you may start
with the third danger which is the Sanshaya, which is the doubt. I do not know
how to describe this madness of doubting. For example, out of all of you who been
here, say, at least, I do not know how much percentage, have come out the second
day with a very great statement: ‘Still I am doubting’! Is that the sign of wisdom?
What are you doubting? What have you found out so far? From where does this
come? It is Mr Ego about which I have given lectures after lectures. It is Mr Ego
which is doubting it because he does not want you to find the Absolute. You are
identified with your ego and you do not want to find it because this Mr Ego has
been guiding your life throughout. Now you want to doubt. Doubt what? What are
you doubting? You feel the cool breeze? Alright, sit down then. Now humble
yourself down at this point. Humble down in your heart, ‘I have not known myself.
I have not got the Absolute.’ This is one of the greatest hurdles of Kundalini
awakening, called as Sanshaya."
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