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Quotes by Mataji

12th August 2010

"Now a Ganesha person is not a person who is absolutely a remorse type, or a person who is such a gone case that even if you beat him up and make him into a complete minced thing he will bear it. It’s not like that, it’s not that. On the contrary, the quality of magnetism is such that it attracts you to a point where you are not disturbed. Now, this is a very important point we should know. You see, if you other loves, love like carnal love and all other love you have, then that love, you may attract another person, then that person can destroy you, and it destroys you always, but this attraction does not destroy, does not destroy. The attraction is up to that point that you are not destroyed because you being much higher, much deeper and much weightier, you cannot be destroyed by a thing that… whom you are attracting. The greater magnet attracts the smaller magnet, and that is what one should understand. The magic and this charisma, charismatic temperament of a person, comes by, first of all, the Ganesha Tattwa, innocence; and secondly by complete dedication and devotion. Those who are completely dedicated and devoted to Mother, not to anything else – Ganesha Tattwa again; not to your wife, husband, sister, country – not to anyone but Mother. Complete dedication gives you that charisma or that attraction. In Sahaja Yoga such a person because really attractive and such a person has it."
______________________________________________________________________ 11th August 2010

"I do not want any one of you, whether men or women, to develop any guilt in your mind, because that is one thing is the greatest blemish. As you know, at a later stage this guilt works in the opposite direction. It is of not help. But when we understand that we have these problems, we have to be humble about it. Not guilty, but humble. If you are not humble about it, and aggressive about demanding what have you got out of Sahaja Yoga and complaining about it all the time, while not seeing you are your own punyas (merits); what do you deserve? Your Kundalini, despite every blemish, has been raised. You know that."
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