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It was yet another wonderful evening as the collective gathered at the Nirmal Nagari in thousands to offer their Shiva-Puja at the Holy Lotus Feet of Shri Mataji, in Her Holy presence. By seven in the evening, the crowd grew to be around eight thousand.

The Sahastrar temple that formed the main stage wore a very sober look with a very artistic and aesthetic theme of creating abode of Shri SadaShiva. There was Kailasha at the backdrop with a thematic greenery abode for Shri SadaShiva. Shri Matajis throne was well decorated with flowers and a trident Nandi, the Vahana (the vehicle) of Shri Shiva.

Collective meditation started at quarter past seven, with the recital of three Mahamantras and Shri Ganesha Mantra, followed by Ganesha bhajan ‘Jay Ganapati Vandan Gana Nayaka…’. This was followed by a beautiful classical bhajan ‘Tuhi Allah, Tuhi Ishahi, Tuhi Sai, Sia Ram Rahim…’ by Pundit (Dr.) Arun Apte and Surekha Apte and a Shiva bhajan - “Jai Shiva Shankar Gauri Ambe… Tujhe Namoh Ma”.

This was followed by screening of the video of Shiva Puja 2004, which had a very strong message on imbibing ‘Guru Tatwa’ and essence of Shiva within. Shri Mataji said, “We should be able to recognize our own Guru-Tatwa within. Once we recognize the Guru, it is the power of Shri Shiva within that showers bliss on us. When one imbibes this power within, then he is blessed with the power of bliss of Shiva- the Guru. One gets the power to resolve. The physical, emotional problems are all resolved by this ‘power of bliss’. This ‘bliss’ also helps us to have the power of balance, within. This is the blessings of Mahadeva, which means He is the Deva of the devas.” Shri Mataji said that, this particular speech can only be spoken with explicit expressions in Hindi.

Immediately this was followed by another bhajan “Jab Hruday Me Vasaye Meri Mata” (when Mother comes to reside in heart), before Mother Holy arrival at Nirmal Nagari.

As the evening progressed, the holy arrival of Shri Mataji was announced by the drum-beats at around 8:30pm in the evening. Subsequently, welcome-bhajan ‘Swagat Aagat Swagatam’ was sung and Shri Mataji was welcomed by the collective.

Immediately the Shri Ganesha puja started with ‘Vinati Suniye’ (prayer bhajan) followed by Shri Ganeshatharvasheersham and bhajans as children offered flowers at the holy Lotus Feet of Shri Mataji (Jai Bhagavati Devi Jai Papa Vinashini Namoh Varade) . The Devi puja (Gauri puja) was followed by Shringar of the Devi with bhajan ‘Hasat Ali Nirmala Aie’. This was followed by ‘Jago Savera’ bhajan with the recital of the 108 holy names of the Devi. Then finally the Shri Shiva puja started with ‘Shivoham Shivoham’, ‘Lalaat Pe Hai Chandrama’ and ‘Aya Mata Ka Pujan Din Aya, Shiva-ratri Ka Anand chhayya’.

This was followed by Aarti with Shiva Vandana “Jai Dev Jai Dev, Jai Shiva Shankara” and “Sabko Duya De Na”. Immediately after the Aarti the popular Quawali number “Meri Mata Ka Karam Hai” was sung by Pune group.

Later Shri Mataji blessed the foundation stones of new Sahaja-Yoga ashrams for Hyderabad and Varanasi. Immediately after Sir C.P. with all humility addressed the collective saying, “I bow to you all. Shri Mataji wanted to convey you all that She has done Her job for the last thirty to forty years. Now that it is your turn to spread Sahaja-Yoga. There is nothing more than Sahaja-Yoga at this hour to bring peace in the world. There is unrest everywhere, every other is fighting against each other and there is turmoil everywhere. What we need at this hour is, only Sahaja Yoga.”

“I want to convey, Shri Mataji wants you to remember two things. Number one is, ‘We are all one irrespective of cast, creed or any community’. And the second is, ‘We must love each other’. That is every Sahaja Yogi should have love for each other. Now you must support the cause. I hope you all will agree with me.”

Sir C.P. further re-affirmed by saying, “Can you please raise your hands to confirm that you all agree with me?” The entire collective spontaneously raised their hands. He expressed his gratitude by saying ‘Thank you!’

Shri Mataji blessed the collective and at around 10:15pm She made Her holy departure from Nirmal Nagari.

Shri Mataji, we thank you for accepting the puja at Your Holy Feet. We the Sahaja Yogis of the world-collective offer our millions of pranam and heartfelt surrender at Your Holy Lotus Feet. May the same kindly be accepted.

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