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In the wake of completion of its 13th Anniversary of the International Sahaja Health and Research Centre proposes to host a grand Yuva seminar in its campus on Sunday, the 8th of February 2009. In this connection it is also expected that the Centre may like to broadcast live especially the 'Question-Answer' session to be attempted by yogis with interaction with the yuva. However, seeking queries based on 'seeking on Sahaja Yoga' (keeping in mind to minimize the scope of disease-centric or disease-specific queries). Queries related to Sahaja Yoga ascent,protocols and other aspects like meditataion, vibratory awareness etc. are being invited from all over irrespective of countries or places - who would like the panel to answer the queries for them. Kindly ensure to send your mail to the center@gmail. com latest by Friday 5th February to enable them compile all the queries to be deliberated on Sunday morning at around Forenoon session of IST.

You may like to watch on the site of health centre as utmost attempt is being undertaken to broadcast this session especially online.

The queries must accompany the individual

1. Email addresses,

2. Name in Full

3. Country:

4. Collectivity:

5: queries are requested to be confined preferably to the non-disease specific nature (The routine disease specific queries however could otherwise be addressed separately to the Health Centre later un-related to this seminar session).

This is just for information and seeking your cooperation to directly send your queries in case you would like the panel in the Seminar to answer them for you.

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