Social Benefits

09 Apr. 2018

Sahaja Yoga has a beneficial impact on every aspect of a person's life - that is mental, physical, material, emotional and spiritual life. A rejuvenated human being finds unknown depths of energy and creativity to better his living conditions; and to lead a more meaningful life. The practice of Sahaja Yoga makes a person calm and collected and able to cope more easily and effectively with the strains and stresses of life. It not only prevents but also cures the innumerable diseases which are the outcome of modern day living - such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, mental disorders ,etc. There is increasing medical proof of the curative powers of Sahaja Yoga as per many experiments conducted. Its ability to cure alcoholism, smoking and drug addiction has been established beyond doubt. Sahaja Yoga has also cured several cases of paralysis,epilepsy, cancer and asthma among other diseases.
By bringing about an inner transformation of human beings, the benefits of Sahaja Yoga accrue not only to the individual but also to society, to the nation and ultimately to the entire humanity. Sahaja Yoga brings about integration of all the major religions of the world.
What is special and unique about Sahaja Yoga?
  1. Sahaja Yoga is not merely philosophical, but an experience first and philosophy later.

  2. It is a simple system in which Self Realisation i.e., the union with your Divine Self takes place spontaneously.

  3. The process of Kundalini awakening is done enmasse by Shri Mataji in Her public programs.

  4. Sahaja yoga can be practiced by everyone irrespective of one's caste ,creed, race, religion and nationality,etc. Sahaja Yoga is now practiced worldwide, in as many as 90 nations.

  5. Sahaja Yoga is based on experience and not obtruse philosophy. It seeks to clarify than mystify. It provides a real basis for a verification of its claims.

  6. Based on Vibratory Awareness which can be attained after Self Realisation and establishment in Sahaja meditation, the seeker can judge for himself the truth.

  7. It has no rituals, no do's and don'ts but the practitioner of Sahaja Yoga automatically gives up all bad habits and starts leading a Dharmic life.

Just as one light enlightens another, in the same way one can enlighten many i.e., through the grace of Shri Mataji the self realized person can give realization to other seekers.
Day to Day Benefits of Sahaja Yoga
  1. Sahaja Yoga meditation is very easy and any one can do it along with his profession and family life.

  2. People from all walks of life can derive benefits, irrespective of their religion, caste or creed.

  3. Health improves. Physical diseases relating to Heart, diabetes, blood pressure, stomach ailments, and also other mental illnesses due to stress, tension, worries, as also insomnia, depression, fits, and many other psycho somatic diseases have been easily cured.

  4. Natural cure from various addictions.

  5. Improvement and harmony in family life and social relations.

  6. No need for any sort of rituals, penances, fasts, asceticism or physical deprivations.

  7. Progress in studies due to improvement in memory.

  8. Latest artistic talents get fully developed.

  9. We become courageous and confident.

  10. Peace, contentment and joy are hallmarks of Sahaja Yoga.

  11. It is an entirely scientific technique with no scope for blind faith.

  12. Self Realization through Sahaja Yoga is entirely free.